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Know Asperger’s Syndrome and the Difference With Autism topic

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    If you’ve ever met someone very smart and talented but shy and very difficult to interact with other people, he could have Asperger’s syndrome. This syndrome was first discovered by Hans Asperger in 1941. After that syndrome officially became a medical diagnosis that is in the class of autistic spectrum disorder (GSA) in 1981. In Indonesia alone there is no definite data that can show the prevalence of Asperger syndrome. However, on average worldwide there are 4 out of 1,000 people who have this syndrome and most people are men. To find out more about what Asperger’s syndrome is, consider the following explanation.
    The difference is Asperger syndrome and autism

    Asperger’s syndrome is in the autism spectrum. The characteristics shown by Asperger and Autism are very similar, but Asperger is considered a form of mild autism. People with Asperger have no difficulty in learning, speaking, or processing information. They typically show above-average intelligence, quickly mastering new languages ​​and vocabulary, and are able to memorize things in detail. Unlike most cases of people with autism, those with Asperger’s syndrome can generally have good daily functions and activities, although they require certain adjustments.

    This syndrome has been detected symptoms since the child stepped on the age of 3 years. However, some new people will show symptoms when entering school age, teenagers, and even adults. Those with Asperger’s syndrome develop mental impairment. This resulted in different perceptions and mindsets than the average person. The exact cause has not been discovered until now, but experts believe that the triggers include environmental and genetic factors.
    The characteristics and symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome

    The diagnosis for Asperger syndrome can be established after a doctor or specialist performs a series of tests with a particular instrument. However, generally those with Asperger will show the following characteristics.
    Communication disorders

    People or children who have Asperger disorders will show difficulty communicating. Although their language skills are highly skilled, they usually mean things literally or in real terms. The problem is, in communicating you certainly do not just rely on the vocabulary only. You will also use different facial expressions, speech, gestures, gestures, percussions, jokes, and certain codes. This is the problem for Asperger sufferers. They have difficulty interpreting and expressing things that are abstract or ambiguous. People who suffer from Asperger also tend to cut off the conversations of others who he considered circling or long-winded. He himself will usually speak in a straightforward and honest way, sometimes even too honest for people who do not understand his condition.

    Therefore, they are often labeled as insensitive. Their facial expressions are flat even though they actually want to express emotions such as sadness, joy, or anger. It is sometimes difficult to catch feelings or understand what people mean by Asperger’s syndrome.
    Social interaction disorder

    In addition to problems in communicating, people with Asperger also have problems in social interactions. Because they often feel different from others and have difficulty understanding or being understood in society, they tend to withdraw from association. When they were children, they often got a reprimand for being rude. In fact, they did not mean to offend anyone else. They are only difficult to understand the social norms or common sense that usually can not be explained by reason.

    As a result, the person with this syndrome is difficult to establish stable relationships with others, although that does not mean impossible. Sometimes others feel impatient or offended by the honesty and logic of Asperger’s honesty and way of thinking.

    The routines are repetitive

    Like people in the autism spectrum, people with Asperger also do not like surprises or unpredictable things. Therefore, people with Asperger syndrome usually have a fixed and unchangeable routine. For example, every day they will have breakfast with the menu and the exact same dosage. For business dress, they also have a schedule when to wear certain clothes. Departure to school and office must pass the same route every day. If there are unexpected changes in the daily schedule of a person with Asperger, he will instantly anxious, anxious, and panicked.
    A very intense interest in certain things

    People with Asperger’s syndrome usually have an interest and a hobby that they do. For example the hobby of collecting and treating various types of miniature cars. Asperger sufferers are not only happy to collect the miniature car, but make miniatur-miniature as a passion. He memorized all kinds of specifications and knew a lot of facts about cars. There is also a hobby of dismantling and tinkering with electronic devices or hobbies collect and memorize various series of maps.
    A very sensitive senses

    Similar to the case of people with autism, people with Asperger’s syndrome have very sensitive senses. They are easily distracted when they see certain colors, hear noises, consume food or drinks that taste strong, or touch a strange texture. koora online In some cases they will even feel dizziness, pain, and pain in the eyelids, ears, skin, or head. Each person will show different levels of sensitivity so it is sometimes difficult to determine what is safe for an Asperger’s syndrome.
    Treatment of Asperger’s syndrome

    This condition is not a disease or a disability that will definitely affect the quality of life of the person negatively. It does not mean that if someone is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome then he will not be able to grow and live as fully as anyone else. Many people with Asperger grow up, build careers, and live like family in general. However, this syndrome will continue to be attached throughout his life.

    There is no cure that can cure this disorder. Usually people with Asperger’s syndrome will be advised to undergo therapy in order to train social sensitivity and emotional management. If the person has an anxiety or depression disorder, the doctor will prescribe a sedative or antidepressant.

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