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Friends with an Asperger's Guy; went horribly wrong topic

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    Sorry to be so graphic, but I’m 52, he’s 23; we’ve been friends for 3 years. It was always his problems with depression, anxiety, suicidality, family issues, changing his mind, getting fired, etc. etc. He’s VERY smart, but I found myself putting in 100% and him, 5%. He blames his autism. I am disabled at home, so I find friends online; it turned sexual and that was probably not a good idea as we are long-distance. Anyway, I can’t be his friend anymore. It’s too draining. He says he does not know how to address my emotional needs and I have them, as does he. We’ve had some great times, but he is very neglectful. I hate losing his friendship, but I can’t knowingly continue on with someone who makes me feel used. He is a very nice person, fun, VERY smart, but his autism is just too much for me. Just venting really.

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