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Disclosing Your Asperger’s Diagnosis: Pros and Cons topic


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    I would like to start a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages for adults of disclosing an Asperger’s diagnosis.

    To begin, let’s consider the following questions:

    ” Why would you want anyone, in general, or an individual, in particular, to know that you have Asperger’s?
    ” What are the risks of disclosing?
    ” How would your life be better or worse if you disclosed your diagnosis?
    ” How would you like someone who learns of your diagnosis to support you? How would you like people to act towards you once they know of your diagnosis?

    Tell us your reactions to these questions. I will facilitate the discussion and add my own perspective as we continue to address this important topic.

    I will be publishing an accompanying blog about this topic as an additional resource.


    I want to again encourage viewers to consider the questions I posted about disclosing your Asperger’s diagnosis. What are the advantages and risks, as you see them? Was your life better or worse when you told others about your diagnosis? How would you do it differently, if at all?

    I think this is an important topic to adults with Asperger’s, many of whom are hesitant to disclose their diagnosis yet want help and support. I welcome your input.



    I would like to reply to this post as a ‘supposed’ NT with a partner who disclosed their Aspergers to me quite recently, before we were engaged to be married. We are deeply in love and have no doubts that we will work hard to make our relationship the best it can be. I put quotes around NT because I have very recently discovered that I may not be neurotypical. On researching everything I could on Aspergers in order to help my partner and I have a fulfilling relationship, I came across your website and read the article, ‘How are women with Aspergers different, and why does it matter?‘ The article describes my entire life (I am now 46 years old), and to read something that may explain a lot about my internal struggle has been both enlightening and though-provoking. I may or may not be on the spectrum, but the article explains so much about what I have gone through internally throughout each stage of my life.

    To get back to your question here…I would like to ask my partner’s permission to convey to you their decision to disclose their Aspergers to me. My partner has trouble having lots of online accounts/passwords, so I could pass on some answers if that would be useful?



    This is (was?) a good topic, but is anyone still reading this forum? If so, I’d like to give some input, especially as someone who wasn’t “officially diagnosed” until almost 60. Hope to hear from somebody.



    I am interesting hearing what you have to say. . .

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