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Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) topic

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    While researching information on my lack of emotions, I found Asperger’s and CEN. Can we get a professional’s opinion on CEN? Is it real or just a marketing gimmick for an expensive online program?



    Nick, do you really need a professional opinion on whether childhood emotional neglect is real or not? I’ve never actually seen it pinpointed with “CEN” like you wrote, so did you read about it on a site that advertised a “treatment” for people who were emotionally neglected as children? If so, I can understand the question. But whether somebody is using “CEN” as a gimmick or not, I can assure you that – sadly – many children are emotionally neglected by their parental units, and it’s been the case since time began. I hope you find what you’re looking for.



    Here is more information on CEN: the web site describes CEN, has a link to a questionnaire, and to recovery training programs. The free program provides more information and a discount for the full program, which is quite expensive. Does such a program make sense for somebody with AS?

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