Behavioral Problems

Behavioral Problems in ChildrenEmotional and behavioral problems are among the most prevalent chronic health conditions of childhood and often have serious negative consequences for a child’s academic achievement and social development (CDC).

There are a variety of behavioral problems in children that concern parents and teachers: defiance, bullying, anxiety, grief, sadness, withdrawal, anger, academic failure, and loneliness, to name a few.

These behaviors are symptomatic of deeper underlying issues. For example, a defiant teenager may be struggling with feelings of inadequacy for which he condemns himself. He then projects this condemnation onto others and ends up feeling anger towards everyone around him.

While every child may act out occasionally or go through short periods in which these behaviors arise, the ongoing presence of problematic behaviors is an indication that there are deeper issues that need to be resolved.

Helping Kids Overcome Behavioral Problems

The good news is that behavioral problems can be overcome through therapy. As a child psychologist, I specialize in treating children and teenagers and working with families and schools to minimize or eliminate behavioral problems.

I provide coping strategies for the underlying issues that cause behavioral problems while helping kids modify undesirable behaviors.

The end result is that kids learn how to deal with mental and emotional challenges and they learn how to control how they behave or react to situations that previously resulted in problematic behavior.

Working with Parents

Parent involvement in a child’s treatment is often critical. Parents know what’s going on in their children’s lives, and it is essential that they keep me informed about various situations and events that impact their child.

In many cases, treating children as separate and independent from the family, without involving parents (and sometimes siblings and extended family members), leads to frustration and ultimately, failure.

This is especially true when behavioral problems are related to family dynamics. Sometimes, change has to happen within the family unit in order to resolve the deeper issues that cause behavioral problems.

I often meet with parents outside of the regularly scheduled sessions I have with their children and sometimes meet with the parents and child together.

Child Psychologist Working with Behavioral Problems

As a child psychologist, I work with children and teenagers who are struggling with behavioral problems. Through therapy, I help kids learn how to overcome issues that cause behavioral problems so they can lead healthy, functional, and productive lives.

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