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It is a little-known fact about adults on the Autism spectrum, including those with Asperger’s syndrome, that problem-solving and behavioral regulation are often more significant challenges than the social difficulties commonly associated with these conditions. Problem-solving and regulation of behavior … Read more

Dr. A is a pediatric oncologist and chief medical officer at his local hospital. Patient reviews uniformly describe him as kind, attentive, and caring. He is a sought-after consultant and supervisor, noted not only for his medical expertise but in … Read more

Because of their difficulty recognizing what other people are thinking and feeling, adults with Asperger’s typically understand the literal, rather than the figurative, meaning of communication. The statement, “I feel blue,” for example, might confuse someone with Asperger’s who would … Read more

In a recent article about coping with Covid-19, the author recalls having spent much of his life hiding his autistic traits in an attempt to fit into a society dominated by neurotypical people. Now isolated from his normal life and … Read more

This is the last in a three-part discussion of Jenara Nerenberg’s newly published book, Divergent Mind: Thriving in a World That Wasn’t Designed For You. Nerenberg argues that prevailing views of what is normal often obscure, and frequently pathologize, the … Read more

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