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What causes Asperger’s in adults? Several explanations exist, one being the central coherence theory, first proposed in 1989 by Uta Firth, a pioneer in the study of Asperger’s syndrome. The term “central coherence” describes a person’s ability to determine meaning … Read more

One of the characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome in adults is hyper- and hyposensitivity to sound. Some people consider sound sensitivity to be more of a problem for them than other difficulties common to Asperger’s, such as socializing, communicating with others, … Read more

In spite of all we know about Asperger’s syndrome in adults, certain misconceptions and misunderstandings about this condition persist, both among laypeople and professionals. Here are eight facts about adult Asperger’s that you should know: 1. Asperger’s is not acquired. … Read more

Dear Readers: In my many years of blogging about adult Asperger’s, I have never re-posted an article from another source. Because of the way this article addresses such an important topic for adults with Asperger’s, I have decided to make … Read more

Mr. B is a congenial, likable, conscientious, hard-working, middle-aged man, married and the father of two lively children. He serves on the board of a local non-profit, is often asked to speak at fundraising events, is the star of his … Read more

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