I shut down. I can’t think. I don’t know what to say or how to respond. It happens nearly every time I talk to people. John F … then I no longer feel in control. I speak so quickly that … Read more

Shortly after completing my book, Adult Asperger’s Syndrome: The Essential Guide, I turned my attention to a new project – explaining how to assess and diagnosis Asperger’s in adults. It wasn’t too long into researching this topic, however, that I … Read more

  Previously, I wrote about the fact that adults with Asperger’s often appear not to feel empathy for other people. A common stereotype is of a cold, detached, emotionally unavailable person who has little regard for someone else’s hurt and … Read more

A recent change in the classification of mental disorders has led to some confusion about the term autism and what is represents. Prior to 2014, autism was considered a distinct mental condition, separate from several other similar conditions, like Asperger’s … Read more

An article was recently published in the General Archives of Psychiatry concerning the relative contribution of environmental influences vs. genetics in causing autism.  Comprehensive analysis of twins suggests that environmental factors may be at least as important as genes in … Read more