kenneth roberson, ph.d

  Recently, I asked my blog readers for their suggestions on how adults with Asperger’s can change how they think, feel and behave. A large number of people responded, many with stories of their personal attempts to change, others with … Read more

Each individual with Asperger’s syndrome is unique. I say this knowing that having Asperger’s implies sharing similar characteristics with others who have this condition. These include an inborn disposition to misunderstand and avoid social engagement, communication difficulties, desire for sameness … Read more

The term, Asperger’s syndrome, is widely recognized these days but few people know what the man who discovered this condition actually said about it. In the years since this Viennese pediatrician published his findings in 1944, many of Hans Asperger’s … Read more

The challenges of having Asperger’s are well known. Pervasive difficulty in communicating and interacting with others, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviors or interests, generally cause considerable hardship in everyday living for most people with Asperger’s. What is … Read more

“A spectrum disorder is a mental disorder that includes a range of linked conditions, sometimes also extending to include singular symptoms and traits. The different elements of a spectrum either have a similar appearance or are thought to be caused by the same underlying mechanism. … Read more