Adult Asperger’s

Why do people with Asperger’s syndrome have such difficulty socializing and communicating? According one prominent theory, it is the combination of delays and deficits in empathy together with superior skills in what is termed, systemizing, that create the behaviors we … Read more

All too often, spouses and partners of adults with Asperger’s syndrome are met with puzzled looks, bewilderment, or even skepticism when describing their relationships. These descriptions include rigidity, misinterpretation of intentions, difficulty anticipating or appreciating the non-Asperger’s partner’s feelings, emotional … Read more

Asperger’s syndrome is a disorder that affects how someone processes certain information, the most significant type of information involving social interaction and communication. Adults with Asperger’s have: Trouble recognizing other people’s feelings and understanding nonverbal cues. They tend to be … Read more

Adult Asperger’s cannot be cured, say the experts. The reasons are twofold. First, Asperger’s is believed to be caused by disturbances in the development of the central nervous system, causing the child, and later the adult, to behave in ways … Read more

If you’ve met one person with Asperger’s, you’ve met one person with Asperger’s­­—Stephen Shore Why should I cry for not being an apple, when I was born an orange.—Donna Williams Showing kindness towards those who are different and embracing our … Read more

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