Would it surprise you to learn that people with very different experiences of the world struggle to empathize with each other? Probably not. Most of us treat people the way we think they want to be treated based on what … Read more

Engaging the social world without empathy is like going to the mall without any money or pants on: it can be done, but you’re bound to have problems. David Finch, The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger … Read more

Researchers have conclusively shown that people with autistic traits show less empathy and reduced understanding of other people’s feelings in a new study out today from the University of Bath and King’s College London. Whilst autism might be associated with … Read more

Dear Readers: In my many years of blogging about adult Asperger’s, I have never re-posted an article from another source. Because of the way this article addresses such an important topic for adults with Asperger’s, I have decided to make … Read more

  Part 2: Empathy Case Study – Feedback By Terra Vance ~ 4 min read The Autistic Brain The autistic brain does intake and process empathy (and every other sensation) differently from the neurotypical brain. How each person on the … Read more

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