kenneth roberson, ph.d

Of the 157 conditions listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DMS-5), the authoritative handbook of mental disorders, Asperger’s syndrome is one of the most difficult to diagnosis. The reasons for this are many, beginning with ambiguity in the diagnostic … Read more

  Evidence is emerging that women with Asperger’s syndrome think and act differently than men with Asperger’s. The difference is so pronounced that some experts are proposing a type of Asperger’s unique to women, referring to this distinct condition as … Read more

Learning you have Asperger’s syndrome is one matter. What to do with that information is another. Should you tell people or keep it to yourself? What are the pros and cons of either decision? Disclosing your diagnosis requires some consideration … Read more

There is nothing permanent except change                   …Heraclitus   An often overlooked characteristic of people with Asperger’s syndrome is the amount of effort they put into avoiding change, both in themselves and in their circumstances. This effort may be quite … Read more

With few exceptions, everyone I have worked with during my career as an Asperger’s psychologist has brought to my attention, in one way or another, the presence of a persistent and enduring feeling of helplessness. It appears to be a … Read more

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