kenneth roberson, ph.d

The taker can only take those parts of ourselves that we give away. Jenna Ryan I see people with Asperger’s syndrome as a bright thread in the rich tapestry of life.     Tony Attwood     I am often asked, … Read more

Recently, I wrote about a pattern of communication that happens often between couples in which one person has Asperger’s and the other does not. The non-Asperger’s, or Neurotypical (NT), partner typically communicates his or her desire to be understood, validated … Read more

Previously, I wrote about a type of communication that occurs often between non-Asperger’s adults (NT) and their Asperger’s (AS) partners. The NT partner, hoping to be understood, validated, and cared for, seeks different ways of eliciting intimacy and closeness from … Read more

Communication is essential to every relationship. It provides the necessary ingredients for transforming relationships into intimate partnerships. Communication is, however, a central problem for adults with Asperger’s syndrome. They have a tendency to talk “at”, rather than, “to” others. Typically … Read more

It’s impossible to describe what it’s like exactly to live with someone who has Asperger’s. Everyone is different. Yet people with Asperger’s share enough characteristics to make it possible to imagine life with such a person. Here are my thoughts … Read more

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