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An important reason why it’s often hard to communicate with someone who has Asperger’s is the fact that they tend to think concretely and literally. They focus on what they see, hear, feel and experience in the here and now … Read more

It is no secret that neurodiverse couples, where one person has Asperger’s and the other does not, have certain challenges in creating a satisfying, fulfilling relationship. An area where this challenge is especially noticeable is sexual intimacy. One Asperger’s researcher … Read more

Whether it’s for you or someone you know, finding a therapist who can work effectively with adults who have Asperger’s is very important. Many therapists claim to have experience in this area but not all have the understanding and background … Read more

Would it surprise you to learn that people with very different experiences of the world struggle to empathize with each other? Probably not. Most of us treat people the way we think they want to be treated based on what … Read more

It is a little-known fact about adults on the Autism spectrum, including those with Asperger’s syndrome, that problem-solving and behavioral regulation are often more significant challenges than the social difficulties commonly associated with these conditions. Problem-solving and regulation of behavior … Read more

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